Final Project Checklist

The web site must include the following elements:
1. 12 to 20 pages interlinked
7 members, 6 activities, 6 resource pages (including form thanks and this check-list) = 19, plus index is 20.
2. a clear topic that is readily apparent on the home page;
The homepage says this is a website for the House of the Blushing Swan.
3. a "clickable" site map or site index (i.e., supplemental navigation); Note: this should be a separate page - it is not your navigation menu;
The site map is now available.
4. at least 5 images (text header, buttons, photos, etc.);
There's an image on every page, and some pages also have embedded videos. There's also a fully qualified home-linked house badge, and a logo in the footer.
5. tables, either for layout purposes or as part of content;
There are tables incorporated on the Events Attended page, the Contact page, and the Links page.
6. text and presentation elements using CSS;
All pages are linked to the trout.css file
7. a working web form;
There is a working webform on the Contacts page.
8. a link to your (valid) email address;
The footer at the bottom of each page has my email address, as does the "where to find me," section of my Wymarcha profile page.
9. at least one JavaScript element (pop-up windows, image swapping, etc.).
The navigation uses JavaScript to enable it's collapsing, and on the Burt page, rolling over Burt makes him go to sleep with ImageSwap.
10. an email notification to your instructor pointing to your completed project including a checklist showing how you've met all the requirements above (more below).
An email will be sent pointing to this page.