Robin Johnson


Robin Johnson (Robbat2), is a Master of Dancing Electrons or less formally, a database coding monkey with a fairly wide-reaching reputation. He's got his typing fingers into everything from Gentoo Dev, to PHPMyAdmin, and is currently one of the main developers of IsoHunt. He is also transitioning into a position maintaining the databases for public libraries.

Marissa met Robin at the Metrotown bus loop in September of 2001, just after they both started their first year of university. Marissa was at SFU, and Robin was at TechBC which was later shut down and remolded into SFU's comp science division to become SFU Surrey. They decided to wait until they got their degrees to get married. After Robin got his BSc in Computing Science (TechBC), they were married in 2006.

Robin enjoys programming (for pay, volunteer, and hobby), cooking, and watching films. Although he doesn't participate in the SCA, he is a valuable support member of the Household.

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