Wymarcha Hektanah Doiron


I first heard about the Society in highschool, when members of a local group put on a demo for my Social Studies class. While it seemed like something I would be interested in pursuing, I didn't really have the time for it, nor would I find the time until after university.

After completing my BA in English Lit. and a failed attempt at teaching ESL in Japan, I started going to heavy fighting practices in the fall of 2005. I attended my first Freeze-Off tourney in October, 2005.

While I orginally went as Winifryd Euphemia Doiron in the Society, mainly so that I could use "Wendy" as my nickname, I've recently decided to start researching my persona, and have chosen Wymarcha Hektanah as being more appropriate. I will shortly be registering it as my official SCA name, but I will continue to use Doiron, as its just another byname and would have been added later in my persona's lifespan. I wrote a research paper to explain the period origins of the new name.

In the SCA I enjoy both heavy fighting, for which I also do my own armour, and archery, and I've recently become Lions Gate's Chronicler.

Marissa 'Wendy' Fischer

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