Welcome to The House of the Blushing Swan

Garet and Wendy in Garb

Welcome to the home of the House of the Blushing Swan or (in French) Le ménage du cygne de rougissement. Garet's device was always a red swan on white. When I joined him, I wanted to find an answer to why the swan was red. I decided it was red because it was blushing. Garet gets so embarressed by everything, he'll even blush on behalf of other people, and thus the House of the Blushing Swan came into exisistance.

The House of the Blushing Swan is a household in the SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism), which is a historical re-enactment society that encompasses the years between 650 and 1650 AD. The SCA is involved in all aspects of medieval life from sewing, cooking, crafts such as weaving, null binding, and Norse Wire Waving, and marshal arts such as rapier, archery (both target and combat), and heavy fighting.

The SCA devides the world geographically into kingdoms, principalities and either baronies, shires, or cantons. The House of the Blushing Swan is in the Barony of Lions Gate (lower mainland), and the principality of TirRigh (BC and Northern Washington), in the Kingdon of AnTir (BC, Alberta, WA, OR).