Umburto Fuzzypants

Alright so Burt isn't really a person; he's a cat. Just don't try telling him that - he won't believe you. He also doesn't understand why he doesn't get to eat the same interesting food that the rest of us get to eat.

In or around October 2000, my grandmother Maria lived in Ladysmith, and a neighbour of hers, Shirly, lived across the street. Shirly was owned by a tiny little cat named Tuna. She was waiting for Tuna to get full grown so she could be fixed. Then, rather abruptly, tiny Tuna started getting very big, very fast.

Tuna eventually had three kittens, and Maria said she'd take one of them. The gray male tabby started being referred to as, "Maria's," as sort of short hand for, "That one's Maria's future cat." Ultimately he started responding to the name, "Marias." When Maria died, she was survived by two cats. The large, orange one went to her daughter Heidi's co-opt. The gray one went to the House of the Blushing Swan.

Adela put her foot down and said she would not own a cat named for a dead woman - so Garet rechristened him Umburto Fuzzypants, or Burt for short.

Burt's favourite things to do are eat, complain about about everything, and sleep!

If you mouse over Burt, he goes to sleep!